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Brand Coordinator

Culture Studio - Decorated Merchandising Company



Culture Studio is fortunate to work with some of the nation's leading Merchandising companies and brands.  This position is the nucleus between the client and production.  Our purpose is to empower the client to continue growing their business and leave the print management up to the professionals.   CS is seeking a progressive thinking and creative minded individual to join the Culture.  This individual will be working closely with clients and being the "Go To' person from within the company.   From inputting purchase orders, sourcing garments and overall fulfillment the Brand Coordinator will be in communication every step of the way.   Culture Studio is a group that is out to change the industry with technique, machinery and overall Customer Service.   


  1.  After training you will compose job orders for data processing, on project needs/ input. You will input the order in the CS System and follow that order through the pipeline from start to finish. Coordination with the salesman on possible issues.
  2.   With the guidance of the Supervisor you will interact daily with various internal departments and suppliers for scheduling, quality control and monitoring of projects to ensure project needs are met in a timely and profitable manner.
  3.  Communicate effectively with staff regarding job status to ensure satisfaction.
  4.   Provide daily status report of current projects to Supervisor.
  5.   Ensure client satisfaction.
  6.   Assigned projects for timeliness, quality, accuracy,    
  7.   Report all issues/ errors to Supervisor.
  8.   Arrange relationships with all vendors including outsourced products, materials, supplies etc.  
  9.   Inform all clients on step by step of each order work ticket,                  garment order, garment check in, art approval, print, ship, track
  10.  Work well in fast paced environment, always moving thinking 3 step ahead.
  11.   Forecast production and plan accordingly
  12.  Organize ink and specialty supplies according to needs of order.

INTERPERSONAL CONTACTS: High level of interaction with supervisor and with all departments and suppliers to direct job processing.

DECISION MAKING LATITUDE:  With experience, Brand Coordinator will be responsible for prioritization of projects within workload.   Production Coordinator will be responsible for requesting Supervisor’s assistance when bottleneck or exceptional problems arise.  This individual should have superior multi-tasking skills.


  1.                College degree preferred, but not necessary.
  2.                On site Training
  3.                Strong interpersonal skills necessary to communicate with all levels of management - internally and externally - and occasionally with client.
  4.                Organizational, project and time management skills are essential.
  5.              MAC based company, Any Experience is a plus
  6.              Screen printing experience preferred.
  7.                      Must enjoy interacting with clients and uphold the CS experience with customer service is our #1 priority.  

WORKING CONDITIONS:  Fast-paced, deadline oriented work environment.