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open positions

Brand Coordinator

This position is a blend of account management/project management and sales. The Brand Coordinator is truly the Heartbeat of the company. You get to work on the merchandise for some of the world’s most famous recording artists, like Guns N’ Roses, Kanye, KISS, Rolling Stones and Jonas Bros, just to name a few. Our Brand Coordinators are the nucleus between the client and production. Our purpose is to empower the client to continue growing their business and leave the print management up to the professionals. Culture Studio is seeking a progressive thinking and creative-minded individual to join the Culture team. This individual will be working closely with clients and being the “Go-To’ person from within the company. From inputting purchase orders, sourcing garments and overall fulfillment, the Brand Coordinator will be in communication every step of the way. Culture Studio is a group that is out to change the industry with technique, machinery, and overall Customer Service.