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Job Title:

Finishing & Fulfillment Supervisor  (Fulfillment & Packaging Division)

Reports to:

COO and VP of Production

Primary Purpose:

Project logistics Supervisor is the accountable party for all responsibilities within the Fulfillment & Packaging department.  The supervisor must work closely with receiving, production and shipping departments to ensure orders are flowing through on time and following CS Standard Operational Procedures This individual is responsible for hitting deadlines, efficiency and utilizing proper staffing needs.  In charge of creating and documenting department overviews and policies.  Responsible for organizing and scheduling of orders within Fulfillment and Packing Departments. Supervisor works with Production & Shipping Managers and Supervisors to proactively plan Packing employees staffing needs and ensure customer packing requirements are followed.


High school diploma

Special Knowledge/Skills

- Barcode Basics

Merch Package:

  •    Oversees incoming and outgoing Fulfillment activities to ensure accuracy, completeness, and quality of orders.  

  •    Notifies Shipping department of production timeframes and completion on fulfillment orders. 

  •    Manages fulfillment supplies and ordering processes. 

  •    Assist workers in Fulfillment activities.

  •    Implement hiring guidelines and training procedures for department personnel.

  •    Respond to all escalated emails and communication within a prompt and timely manner

  •    Prepare, evaluate, and maintain employee performance reviews. Report weekly hours to staffing agencies and Board Members

  •    Recommend, implement and support continuous improvement within the department and the company to improve employee performance, quality control, productivity, efficiency, and cost reduction.

  •    Support a safe working environment with emphasis on good housekeeping techniques.

  •    Assist in planning and maintaining a balanced departmental budget.

  •    Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all department tools and machinery.

  •    Follow the Core values of the Company and motivate staff. 

  •    Enter and Track daily scorecards

  •    Pass or Fail policy. Each job will be audited for quality control and given a pass or fail depending on the spoilage rate and quality of a print.  

Packaging Responsibilities

  • Uphold Departmental KPI’s
  • Proactive Staffing plans of Employees on a daily basis
  • Plan daily schedule of jobs packed to hit customer deadlines.
  • QC Check client packaging requirements.
  • Work with shipping to ensure proper completion of orders by customer deadlines.
  • May assist packers to complete orders.
  • Train new employees of Culture Studio SOP within departments.

Equipment Used:

A personal computer (MAC and PC), Thermal printers, hand tools, ladder, dolly, pallet jack, hand truck.

Working Conditions:

Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors:

Continuous walking, standing, climbing, stooping, bending, kneeling, and reaching;

heavy lifting and carrying.; work around machinery with moving parts; work around moving objects or vehicles.  Exposure to humidity and Heat.