Add the Finishing Touch with Woven Labels

Add the Finishing Touch with Woven Labels

68% of people say that good packaging/presentation reinforces the quality of the brand.

You've spent time perfecting your artwork, selecting garments, and planning to launch your brand or next collection. You're almost ready to release your t-shirt to the world but you want to make sure to really wow your audience and shows the effort you put into your brand. Adding woven labels are the cherry on top that tie all of your branding together, and increase perceived quality.

Not only do they add value visually, but you can communicate important information to customers like size, care instructions, and website or social handles.


Label Types

High Density Damask Woven Labels

50 denier damask woven labels. Very thin thread that enables a high density weave. The result is crisp, clear detail and finer lines in your company name, logo, or other artwork featured in your clothing labels. The softest woven label option available!

- Available in Straight Cut, End Fold, Centerfold, Manhattan Fold, and Mitrefold

- Numerous color options based on your PMS color of choice



2-4 colors straight cut

100-249 pcs: $1.80

250-499 pcs: $0.92

500-999 pcs: $0.60

1,000-4,999 pcs: $0.40

5,000 pcs: $0.28


5-12 colors straight cut

100-249 pcs: $2.50

250-499 pcs: $1.20

500+ pcs: $0.70


Minimum Order: 100 pcs

Production Time: 12-14 business days


Creating Retail Ready Merchandise 

Adding Value with Product Packaging



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