Creating User Persona’s for Building Your Brand

Creating User Persona’s for Building Your Brand

First, what is a User (or buyer) Persona?

A user person represents your ideal customer base, based on market research and real data about your current customers. Defining your ideal user persona provides your company and organization with structure and context when appealing to your target audience.

Learning about your ideal customer - their likes, dislikes, goals, and challenges, everything that makes them tick - helps you to set a strategy geared towards attracting your most valuable leads and customers to you business.

Understanding individuals personal background, professional background, their environment and psychographics is a good place to start when creating a user persona. Conducting interviews with users who use and interact with your brand everyday can be a great place to start.

Create a scenario, find out their end goal.

Every user has one or a few main motivating factors for using your brand’s product or service. Creating and understanding a “day in the life” of your ideal customer usually defines when, where, and how, the user interacts with your brand. First understanding their needs, then fulfilling them will bring new and repeat customers alike.

Each persona is different, just like each of your customers will be, but they all fall into similar categories when defining how they interact with your brand. User persona’s are helpful throughout the entire product development phase, and centers your team internally for your organizations end goals. 


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