On-Demand Production

On-Demand Production

On-demand production allows you to create products as timed campaigns, batch the orders, and let us do the work.  We can plug into almost any platform to pull down individual orders, and we ship directly to the end-consumers. On-demand production is revolutionary in the world of merchandise, allowing greater accessibility for those breaking into the industry, or established brands looking to tap into new markets. Check out the benefits of on-demand production to see if it's a good fit for your brand:

1. Eliminate inventory risk

On-demand production is designed to manufacture only the amount of products that are ordered, so you don't have to worry about over-stocking and having leftover inventory that you are unable to sell.

2. No markdowns

Leftover inventory often leaves people no choice but to run sales or offer hefty discounts in order to get rid of any leftover stock. On-demand production saves you money because it eliminates the risk of having more stock than demand.


3. Test the market

Especially helpful for new brands starting up or companies testing out new merchandise. You are able to test products to decide which ones are successful and worth investing more money in. Similar to running pre-orders, except customers are not deterred by having to wait weeks to get your product into their hands. 


4. React quickly to trends

In the merchandise industry, it is crucial to be on top of the latest fads and providing products in relation to world events, social movements, and media trends. By the time you finally move your ideas from conception to production, you may have already missed your window of opportunity. On-demand production allows you to run campaigns for short durations with no inventory investment. You can capitalize on trends while they’re hot and not lose any money on unsold merchandise when the trend dies out. 


5. Get up & running

Traditional manufacturing can be intimidating for a lot of new entrepreneurs looking to break into the business, with high upfront costs, long turnaround times, and plenty of small details to work out. On-demand production makes the merchandise industry more accessible to those just starting out, and also for established businesses looking to test out new markets. 


6. Shorter turnaround times

Traditional manufacturing often entails more complex supply chains, which can slow down business. Shipping directly from manufacturer to consumer means faster shipping times, which results in loyal customers. 

Think on-demand printing might be a good option for you?

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  • Donald Pinkney

    I have word press woocommerce store {www.cheyennephotographicart.com} Can you my dropshipping with my woocommerce store

  • Michelle Howard

    I have a clothing brand that I want to start up I want to do the print on demand way also I have a Shopify store that I’m working on how do I sign up for the on demand I just want to sell beanies shirts and hoodies

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