Six Essentials to Building Any Brand's Story

Six Essentials to Building Any Brand's Story

A brands story is necessary for a company to build a relationship and a brand in the industry we work in. Below are six essential steps to building a great brand story.

Brand Positioning

A brand’s position and positioning strategy involves creating and shaping yourself in order to communicate your brand’s value directly to your target customers. A brand adds value when it can successfully identify a customer’s needs and wants, and in turn illustrates how your brand can take that customer from A to B.

Great (and clear) positioning helps your customers understand what you do and how that fits into their specific needs. And differentiating yourself from another brand is critical for navigating today’s cluttered landscape.

Start by answering how you are useful to your customer and how you are different from your competitor. By just understanding those two simple components, you can create your brands positioning statement.PO

Brand’s Promise

The expectations that your brand or community communicates directly reflects your brands promise to its customer. A brands promise should clearly illustrate your positioning statement and something you can easily communicate to your audience.

Make it short and to the point, but always deliver on it. A customer will always chose a brand that appears to offer more value than their competitor.


Personas are fictional individuals created to represent user types within your targeted demographic. Understanding your target audience through demographics, behaviors, problems and needs, and the individuals overall goals can help to tailor your brand story towards them.

Creating a brand’s persona allows you to see your product and service for their perspective, and help to make informed and educated decisions about your brand.


A brand’s personality shouldn’t be confused with a brand’s image. A brand’s image focuses on the tangible benefits and attributes of your brand, whereas a brand’s persona focuses on the emotional connection your target audience has to your brand.

Your brand’s personality helps to shape how people feel and interact with your company. It’ll often reflect the personality of your target audience, and will also give your brand a more consistent way to talk to your customers.


Your brand should be more than just the product or service your providing. There are three crucial moments where you can provide customers with a branding experience — before the purchase, during the purchase, and after the purchase.

Your brand’s experience can be done through tangible goods or features that make up your product, as well as things like your visual identity and support for your brand’s promise. Individuals are always willing to pay a premium for a great brand experience.


The last and final important element to building your brand’s story is pricing. Pricing reflects the actual value of your product or service, as well as the perceived value of your brand to your customer.

The three most used pricing models include cost-based pricing, value-based pricing, and competition based pricing. Determining your brand’s pricing will ultimately generate income and allow you to continue building your company.



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