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Car Sales During the Pandemic

  Car dealerships have been hit by the pandemic, but have been able to adapt to the ‘New Normal’ just like many other industries in the U.S. Many dealerships have chosen to exclusively sell virtually via Facetime, and other dealerships have offered valet services that deliver cars for test-drives, avoiding in-store visits. In many cases, this has actually streamlined the buying process in a way that takes less time and effort for both parties. Many customers reported satisfaction with the new...
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Reopening Your Restaurant Doors

Restaurants have reopened their patio spaces for people to resume their brunches and happy hour gatherings. Enforcing health protocol is crucial at this time, for the sake of avoiding fines...
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Preparing to Reopen Post-COVID-19

Reopening and adjusting to the “new normal” will require many steps and creative solutions to keep your customers safe and your business successful. In states all over the country, businesses...
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Adding Incentive to Virtual Events

As the COVID-19 outbreak has caused major events, tours, and conferences to be cancelled, a lot of companies are transitioning to digital platforms to translate the experience to their audience...
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Boosting Morale When the Office Goes Remote

As many companies have transitioned to working remotely, a big challenge can be keeping unity within the team and making sure productivity is maintained. Especially under the current circumstances, people...
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Ways to Support the Music Industry During Coronavirus Outbreak

  In this era of digital streaming platforms, most music artists rely on touring and live performances as their source of income. As COVID-19 spreads, so does the financial strain...
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Coronavirus - What Does It Mean for Your Brand?

Culture Studio is committed to keeping your brand running--even when the economy gets hit with curve balls, like the Coronavirus. Many businesses that source from China are scrambling to find...
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