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New Service: Jumbo Prints

Prints That Make an Impact Print all the way to the seams while still keeping a soft hand feel on a cotton garment. Extend artwork up to 22" x 26" to create life size photorealistic portraits or designs that are not confined to standard screen size. 22" x 26" max print size 4 color print artwork max Discharge ink recommended 100% cotton recommended 50 pc minimum order **Note: Imperfections may occur when printing over seams (caused by pressure since the printing...
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Screen Printed Posters

  Print Posters & Make Memories Screen printed posters, whether art prints or concert lineups, have always been, and always will be, collector’s items. Let fans take home a physical...
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Plastisol vs Discharge Ink Prints

Screen Printing Inks Plastisol:  Printing with plastisol is the most common way to screen print. The colors are vibrant, durable, and come in a wide-range of choices. It does not...
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Hoodie with Print-Friendly Front Pocket

  Tired of having to shrink your artwork to fit on a hoodie? Not with this fleece! It features a slit pocket that allows for art to seamlessly be printed...
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Photorealistic Prints with Screen Printing

  Simulated Process is a color separation process that turns a flat image that contains color blending, like a photograph, into color-separated channels ready for screen print. Each layer screen prints...
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Art Retouching

When preparing artwork files for printing, it's important to ensure the best quality possible. Vector files (created in Illustrator) are preferred as you can scale the image up or down...
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Fabric Guide for Decorating

100% Cotton Soft feel Breathable Prone to shrinkage and wrinkles over time Lightweight and heavier options   Ringspun or Combed Cotton Natural cotton fiber that has been processed Softer feel...
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