The Cost of Missing the Show: Missed Deadline = Missed Revenue

The Cost of Missing the Show: Missed Deadline = Missed Revenue

How to maximize revenue on merch and never miss a show with Auto Scheduling.

Have an event in 2 days or wait -- it's tomorrow?! You need to secure capacity and find a way to get it done.

The Culture Studio Platform may seem simple from the client Log In view. Behind the scenes, there are sophisticated algorithms aggregating the capacity of each machine across our multiple factories.

Here is how it works:

1. An order is entered into the platform.

2. The system pulls in via API a global look at available inventory levels for the intended products. Once secured the real magic happens.

3. The platform will then look at the position details and automatically secure the machine time and schedule the job. The platform has a wildly accurate ability to them estimate the time of completion allowing for any further finishing or packing services that may be required.

4. Job completes, logistics are booked and you look like a wizard.



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