The Hybrid On Demand Model

The Hybrid On Demand Model


How does it work?

1. Product Development/Store Set Up

A CS team member works with you to design your product line & offer all creative possibilities to craft your vision. Utilizing the hybrid model offers a ton of product variety since we have the option of screen printing, DTG, embroidery, or sublimation -- garments, home goods, drinkware, etc. 
We'll recommend new and seasonal products that are hot on the market and the latest decoration techniques that your fan base will love. We call this process enlightened hospitality. Anything is possible but carefully curating the product line streamlines the production and increases speed to market for the fan. 

Decide if you will pre-produce inventory. This will maximize margins and shorten lead times. Otherwise, all items will be produced as orders come in with no inventory investment. 


2. Batching Orders

Utilizing a hybrid print on demand system is highly efficient AND increases profits by routing orders to either digital print or screen print based on quantity. 

• Lower volume high color jobs run on multiple digital machines. 
• High volume lower color jobs run on automatic screen printing presses. 

Aggregation of orders in this manner allows maximizing of margin and gives the seller the ability to change processes according to consumer behavior.


3. Shipping

Orders are produced, packed, and shipped out to the end user.


- Make passive income
- Maximize profits
- Product development
- Shorter turn times
- Tons of decoration & product options



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