The best way to find your friends at a music festival.

The best way to find your friends at a music festival.

If you have ever been to a music festival you might know that when you are not being enveloped in the warm vibrations of musical expression, you are most likely playing a game of where's Waldo trying to find your friends.

Festival goers have been very creative at coming up solutions. Just google search “festival totems” and you will be greeted with a testament to the creative capacity of music lovers.

Although beautiful, festival totems might not be the most elegant solution. It requires at least one hand occupied at all times. It also makes you responsible for carrying around a piece of your creative expression in addition to everything else you have to keep track of.

 A more utility driven solution to this problem is making matching custom designed hands free bags.

A hands free bag is an absolute necessity for music festivals. Everyone needs a easy way to carry their belongings in a way that leaves them unencumbered.

At we now have drawstring bags available for your design. Drop in any eye catching image, something that is a true representation of you and your friends. Order it online,  we will print it and ship it to you for free anywhere in the US. Hand them out to your friends and you will be connected even when you are not all at the same show.


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