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Don't Give Me What I Ask For, Give Me What I Want

The initial process of trial and error is mostly error. I do not profess to have all the answers in screen printing and am not naive enough to assume I do.What I do have is over 10,000 hours of troubleshooting and diagnosing problems and issues in the pressure cooker of high volume contract screen printing. The pie should be infinite when it comes to sharing knowledge. Along my journey in the art of decorated merchandise I have gotten amazing advice...
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Custom Dye and Wash

A way to really stand out from the crowd is Custom Dye and washes.  This process gives you a unique look that you can be sure will be unique to...
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The Amazing Culture Land

Our inspiration was how cool a black takeover of a traditional costume could be, much like how the Black heather is a new spin on a traditional garment.  We really...
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Here is why we love cut and sew sublimation

All over printing has been a struggle for us printers for many years.  The machinery required is very expensive, bulky and very difficult to manage.  As technology continues to solve...
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