Discharge / Water base

The process of removing the pigment that is dyed into the fabric and replacing with new color while keeping the soft fabric feel. Discharge is best used on 100% cotton goods. When mixing discharge from pantone numbers but please allow up to 15% color variance due to dyeing of the fabric.


When separating for discharge spot color printing use photoshop channels or illustrator spot colors.

  • If using illustrator please make sure that all attributes are complete vector and you are choosing a spot color for each.
  • If using photoshop set each color to a spot channel.

On most prints discharge ink does not require an under base.


Discharge ink is printed using roller frames at average mesh of 156-225. We mix all of our discharge ink from scratch using the Rutland discharge mixing system.


Discharge ink only dyes cotton and will wash out of polyester. If you are looking for a washed vintage look discharge ink works great on 50/50 garments. If your goal is vibrant colors you must choose a 100% cotton garment.

Our water base inks are the softest when printed on light color garments. When printing on darks agent discharge is required but will still have a much softer hand than plastisol.

Fabric colors to avoid when printing discharge: Royal, turquoise, purple, green & neon.


$.30 cents per color

Plastisol Vs Discharge

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