We produce only what you sell, so you'll never lose money on leftover inventory. This gives you the freedom to test out new designs or products without the stress!

Get up & running

No more googling "how to ship a package". We take care of all the little details so you can focus on your brand. 

Build the hype

Get your fans excited with 'limited time only' merch that creates a sense of urgency & increases value. 

How does it work?


We connect our shipping software to your e-commerce store via API (we can connect with Shopify, Woocommerce, Squarespace, you name it).

We can also import orders via CSV file.


Once your pre-sale has ended, we produce your merch with any decoration method(s) of your choice.


Make a great impression on customers with finishing services. We work with big box retailers like Zumies and Hot Topic, so your brand is in good hands when it comes to applying final touches like size stickers, hang tags, or custom mailers.


Each order is individually packed & sent off to your customers! 

Frequently asked questions

So this is the same as On-Demand Printing, right?

Not quite. Unlike On-Demand, we do not print immediately as every order comes in. You market your items as a "pre-sale", then once the sale ends we bulk print all of the orders that came in and individually pack & ship out to your customers. 

What do I need to start?

  • An existing online store - We can connect to almost any platform - Shopify, Squarespace, you name it. 
  • Your logo or design for merch - Don't have one? Our Art Department is happy to help for an extra fee.

Can Culture Studio create my site for me?

Based on certain qualifiers, we will host a site for you. Inquire to see if you meet criteria. 

What is the minimum order quantity?

You must sell 12 units per product. If you do not sell 12 units, you will be responsible for paying for the remaining garments. 

Are Timed Campaigns a good fit for me?

Suited best for those with an existing fan base or social media following - music artists, influencers, streetwear brands, or anything in between. Timed Campaigns are a great way for brands to drop exclusive merch to their fans that are eager to get their hands on it. 

Will my customers know it's coming from Culture Studio?

Nope! We customize your packing slips with your branding and address so it looks like it is coming directly from you. 

What am I responsible for?

Running your store - We handle the production, shipping, and we'll even help set up your products in your store if needed. But you are in charge of running your online store and customer service - remember, we ship everything out branded with your business, so we are just working the behind-the-scenes magic.

What do I pay for?

Price of the merch itself.

(Garments + decoration)
Pick & Pack
$1.50 pick & pack fee per unit.

(This is the service charge for us to individually pack each order)
You are responsible for paying for the price of shipping to each customer.

We recommend marking up your shipping prices so that it doesn't cut into your profits. 
3rd Party Shipping
$2 per unit.

We have our shipping platform we use, but we are happy to utilize yours for an extra service charge.


How do I start?



Fill out our Drop Campaign Application and a member from our sales team will reach out to you with next steps. 



Extend Culture Studio admin access in your store with ability to manage apps (extend access to OR export your orders via CSV file.



Provide us with this info to customize your packing slips. 

  • *Shop URL
  • *Store logo
  • *E-mail
  • Phone #
  • Shipping address



Campaign Duration

How long do you want your products to be on sale? Shorter campaign = more ugency = more sales! We recommend 1 week maximum.

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