Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of artwork is required for screen printing?

    For the best quality result, we’d recommend using vector files (.ai, .pdf, .eps, or .svg). We can also use raster images (.psd, .pdf, .tif) at 300 DPI. If you’re not sure your artwork meets these standards, just shoot us an email and we’ll let you know!
  • What kind of artwork is required for embroidery?

    Most image types will work well for embroidery, but for the best quality we’d recommend vector files (.ai, .pdf, .eps, or .svg) or high-resolution raster images. Designing for embroidery can be tricky, however, as high-detail work doesn’t often render out on the final product. The best results use bold, large areas of stitching. We’d be happy to work with you on editing your art for optimal embroidery.
  • Does Culture Studio save my art files for reorders?

    Absolutely! We’ll even give you garment recommendations and mockups for your future clothing line!
  • Is it easy to reorder?

    It sure is! After creating your account, simply review your previous orders and select the “reorder” link. You can even change quantities, shipping addresses, and more. 
  • Is there any way to set up Net Terms?

    Contact us at to discuss setting up credit terms. We will need three credit referrals and some more information on your business.
  • Can I get assistance over the phone?

    Just give us a call at 312-243-8304 and we’ll be happy to chat. We are also standing by on our site’s web messenger to help you out. Just have your reference number handy!
  • What if I receive more or less than I order?

    If you receive less than the quantity you ordered, we will immediately rectify the situation with a second shipment or issue a credit to your account.
  • What if my order is incorrect?

    If something isn’t right with your order, get in touch with us and we’ll do our best to fix the situation.
  • What is spoilage?

    Spoilage is a garment that doesn’t meet our quality standards. We have an industry average 3% spoilage rate, which means if the number of garments spoiled amounts to over 3% of your order, we’ll apply a discount to your order equivalent to the cost of the loss. In the event that exact quantities are needed, one additional garment of each size or 3% over the exact quantity is required.
  • What if I have multiple shipping destinations and need to split up my order?

    No problem! You can add shipping instructions in the notes section of your order we’ll apply a drop-ship charge to your total.

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