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The most valuable asset a company has is it’s team. We have created an environment of creativity and execution. When you step into our office you can feel it, its purpose. Culture Studio employees have a mission to disrupt a classic industry with new generation energy.

Executive Team

Rich Santo


Chief Executive Officer

“Goals are dreams with a deadline.”

I am a creative visionary and executor. My main objective is to communicate our vision, develop great leaders, and go to the ends of the earth for the success of my team. I am always striving to innovate through cutting edge technology and customer service. I enjoy pushing the limits to create incredible products and experiences for our clients.

On a personal note, I love being on the water and exploring new destinations and cultures. I could never get bored living on an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. I love fashion and trying new restaurants, but most importantly spending time with my family and friends.

I love Amazon and Audible Books. They have changed the way I run my life and gain knowledge on a daily basis.

Carlo Ovideo

Carlo Oviedo

Chief Revenue Officer

“Be obsessed with your future”

I am a true believer in visualization. If you make a decision to achieve a goal and trust that it is possible, the only obstacle in your way... Is you. I wear many hats, but the one that fits the best is developing and supporting the team around me. I have a responsibility of stewardship to grow and drive my team to further their careers and skills. In the end I’ll be relaxing on the beach in my home land of Costa Rica watching the sun rise and listening to the waves crash. I am first generation and looking to start the story of what will be the future for my family. I am a runner, a family man and love to be inspired. Over promising, and delivering is my biggest skill set.

Joey Santo


vp of production

My passion and drive is what motivates me to ensure the best quality is produced Every shirt Every time! My love for screen printing is what keeps me on my toes to create and try new techniques for all different methods of printing. By having an open minded team it gives us the opportunity to create prints that really stand out in the industry. My desire for perfection is easily shown throughout my team, I enjoy being able to share my knowledge to continue to grow Culture Studio.

Nick Santo

Nick Santo

Director of Logistics

Nick has held almost every position within the company from the very beginning, building this business from the ground up. Together with his brothers, all the talents come together bringing Culture Studio innovated printing to the industry. His passion comes from waking up every day and doing what he loves. Nick’s position is to ensure process and polices are in place and followed so that every client experiences the “Culture” of Culture Studio. Nick’s free time includes, boating, snow-boarding, playing ice hockey, watching the Chicago Blackhawks (GO HAWKS!) And most of all experiencing the many great wonders of the city of Chicago.

Quoted from Steve Jobs: “My model for business is The Beatles. They were four guys who kept each other’s kind of negative tendencies in check. They balanced each other and the total was greater than the sum of the parts. That’s how I see business: great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people.”

Gerhard Arzberger

Gerhard Arzberger

Chief Operating Officer

Born and raised in Graz Austria and then ended up moving to the US in 1976 I received my first US patent for Electrostatic Flocking for a product named Lextra in 1988. During my 11 years as General Manager of JanSport’s College Division I not only gained substantial knowledge and expertise in Apparel Printing and Embroidery, but also learned all about the corporate world. I then ventured out to the West Coast and spent the last 10 years in California. My career highlights in the Golden State include Senior Production Manager at Fortune Fashions shop in LA and Director of Operations at Liquid Graphics in Irvine. I was fortunate to discover Culture Studio, one of the most aggressive, most people oriented shops I have seen, and join the company as COO in April this year.

Sales Team

Sales Team

“The client heartbeat” We strive to build lasting relationships and build trust through execution. Taking an interest in the brand and really understanding what the intent and result, is something we pride ourselves in. We have a connection and Bond that is needed in an industry where we’re all put to the test in order to capitalize for the end customer. That struggle and fight gets a little easier when you have us on your side. We have one guarantee… .”You will love the experience”

Finance Team

Finance Team

“The Sharks” The first finance team in the world that clients actually look forward to paying. Receivables and payables doesn't have to be the typical cut throat uneasy romance. If done with a smile and respect we’ll get the end result we’re all looking for. Don't be surprised if you get a bottle or wine or cookies from this team.

Creative Team

Creative Team

“The Art Dudes” - This team is far from the norm when it comes to a creative team. They actually pick up the phone and speak! I know, that's crazy they can talk but the customer service you’ll get from them is unmatched. We dive into your brand, give guidance and recommendations on what will reveal the best end product. We are committed to do whatever it takes to push out quality work. Even it that means redoing your art separations… For a fee of course.

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