The biggest challenge when launching a product is how many are going to sell?  Could be 4 pieces, could be 40,000. We have been working hard to develop our own Hybrid Print-On-Demand workflow that removes that pain point and allows for complete flexibility in order routing. 


What makes our Print-On-Demand system different?



Maximizes Profits
Our Print-On-Demand system is highly efficient AND increases profits by using a hybrid model that routes orders to either digital print or screen print based on quantity.
• Lower volume high color jobs run on multiple digital machines.
• High volume lower color jobs run on automatic screen printing presses. 



Retail Quality
50,000 square feet of high-quality production power.
Create retail ready products that are not limited to only digital prints in a small print area. Add finishing services like inside tags, woven labels, hang tags, or sizing stickers.
Trusted by some of the largest artists and brands in the world, the Culture Studio: Print On Demand app allows access into the same production facility Led Zeppelin (no big deal), Madonna, Drake, Justin Bieber, and Kanye West just to name a few.  



Product Development
A CS team member works with you to design your product line & offer all creative possibilities to craft your vision. We call this process enlightened hospitality. Anything is possible but carefully curating the product line streamlines the production and increases speed to market for the fan. Did we mention product development is FREE?


How do I start?

1. Install the Culture Studio: Print On Demand app to your Shopify store and request access.

2. Someone from the CS sales team will approve the account and begin onboarding.

3. Together we will create a product line and publish the products on your Shopify app. You can also create unique products self-service natively inside the Shopify app and push them live for your customer to purchase.

4. Once a customer purchases, the order is synced to our system that groups like-orders together and routes to the proper machinery.

5. CS fulfills the order and individually ships out to your customer.



Connect with us if you're interested in learning more about how Print-On-Demand can be beneficial for your brand.

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