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It’s not just a T-Shirt, it’s a timeless memento that can take your right back to your first concert. The artwork, the soft feel of the ink and the relaxed fit are all characteristics of your favorite shirt. We remember the entrancing stories of fans purchasing the now vintage Led Zeppelin Tour shirts in 1977. It's Art like the “Swan Song” winged man that makes screen printing the passion and industry we want to disrupt. We’ll undoubtedly put the same passion into your brand.

vibrant standard

  • ink - 100% plastisol bases and top colors.
  • attributes - Most vibrant/max coverage 100% opaque, no fibers showing through pirnt will have a hand feel.
  • garments - Great for fleece, 100% polyester, 50/50 garments, triblends.
  • pantone match - 100% pantone match.

maximum vibrancy / heavy hand feel

premium hybrid

  • ink - Discharge under base, soft hand plastisol top colors.
  • attributes - Vibrant colors, soft hand, durable print, next evolution of screen printing.
  • garments - 100% Cotton preferred, 50/50 garments & tri-blends may have slight shift in colors.
  • pantone match - 5/10% color variance

very good vibrancy / soft hand feel

vintage soft

  • ink - Waterbase ink on light garments, discharge on dark garments.
  • attributes - Ink dyes in fabric giving it a super soft hand feel and fibers will show through.
  • garments - 100% Cotton preferred, 50/50 & tri-blends will work well, but be advised there may be a 5/10% color variance across mulitple garments.
  • pantone match - 15% color variance

vintage vibrancy / no hand feel

see the screen print process


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