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Take your design capabilities even further by adding something special. We are dedicated to bringing the newest in ink technology and technique to our clients. Bring your designs concepts to life with a foil application or make it pop with a dash of Shimmer or Jewel tone. CS is not your average left chest, stuck in their way print shop. We absolutely love pushing the limits and attempting an unconventional approach to printing, So lets try something new together! Check out some of what we offer and feel free to contact us to discuss ideas and concepts.


The shine and glisten you get from Gold, Silver, copper, bronze or black Foil will definitely separate your design from others.

PRICE - 1 color adhensive (print) + $1.35



This ink is a little more subtle than Foil but still adds that extra touch of sparkle you’re looking for.

PRICE - add $0.75 per garment



Similar to metallic only you get a touch of glitter in this ink that can illuminate your design

PRICE - add $0.75 per garment



A technique that adds a layer of gloss which lifestyle brands love to walk around and Floss.

PRICE - add $0.75 per garment


High Density

Feels like rubber, work it into a design that has wheels and watch it take off.

PRICE - add $0.75 per garment


Glow in the dark

Activated by light, once you turn into that dark alley let your T shirt guide your way.

PRICE - add $0.75 per garment


UV Ink

Invisible until you walk outside. Image a vampire design and his face starts to crack once the sun hits it. Now that's innovative!

PRICE - add $0.75 per garment



Don’t need reflectors on your bicycle anymore. Just where your shirt and car lights will reflect off of the print.

PRICE - add $0.75 per garment



Not something you inhale, but you sure feel it on the shirt. Such a cool ink that raises through the process.

PRICE - add $0.75 per garment


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We did some of the work for you already. Check out the 4 suggested garments!

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