Sell limited edition merch with no inventory investment.

Why run a Timed Campaign?


No inventory investment.

The Timed Campaign is a pre-sale model that eliminates the risk of losing money on unsold inventory.

Sense of urgency.

Build the hype with a short sale window that fans won't want to miss out on. 

Limited edition.

Design one-time-only exclusive products that your fans will be excited to get their hands on. 

Skip the shipping headaches.

We produce, pack, and ship all under one roof to get orders out to your customers quickly. 

How does it work?


Design your artwork & choose a product to launch. Our sales team can assist in selecting the perfect garment & decoration.


We integrate our shipping software to your Shopify store so that all customer orders will sync to our system as they come in. Our e-commerce team will help you set up your products in your store & make sure you're ready to go. 

Launch your sale.

Launch on your Shopify store as a limited time sale. 

(24 - 72 hours max)
Market on social media & watch the sales roll in!

Production & Shipping.

Once the sale has ended, CS produces all orders and individually ships out to all of your customers with your branding. 


Frequently Asked Questions
Is this the same as On-Demand Printing?
Not quite. Unlike On-Demand, we do not print immediately as every order comes in. You market your items as a "pre-sale", then once the sale ends we bulk print all of the orders that came in and individually pack & ship out to your customers. 
What do I need to start?
An existing online store hosted on Shopify platform. 
Your logo or design for merch - Don't have one? Our Art Department is happy to help for an extra fee.
What is the order minimum?
You must sell 50 units per product. If you do not sell 50 units, you will be responsible for paying for the remaining garments. 
Is the Timed Campaign model a good fit for my brand?
Timed Campaigns are suited best for those with an existing social media following or fan base; music artists, influencers, clothing brands, or anything in between. Due to the limited edition selling point and 50 unit minimum, having an engaged audience is key in running a successful campaign. This method is a great way for brands to drop exclusive merch for fans waiting to get their hands on it. 
Will my customers know their order is coming from Culture Studio?
Nope! We customize your packing slips with your branding and address so it looks like it is coming directly from you. 

What do you pay for?

Price of the merch itself.

(Garments + decoration)
Pick & Pack
$1.50 pick & pack fee per unit.

(This is the service charge for us to individually pack each order)
You are responsible for paying for the price of shipping to each customer.

We recommend marking up your shipping prices so that it doesn't cut into your profits. 


  • Hosting your store. 

    You must host your store on Shopify in order to run a Timed Campaign. Shopify is most compatible with our shipping software that we use to integrate with your store and pull orders.
  • Ordering extra.

    We will order 3% overage of each garment/color/size to account for any possible spoilage that may occur. Any remaining units will be shipped back to you.
  • Minimum order quantity.

    The minimum order quantity is 50 units. If you do not sell 50 units, you will be responsible for paying for remaining garments to reach minimum.
  • Customer service.

    Any customer inquiries on orders will be handled by the store owner. Since we are shipping with all of your branding, your customers will not know it's coming from us therefore you will need to be the point of contact (think of us as just making all the magic happen behind the scenes). 
  • International orders.

    We cannot fulfill international orders so please ensure that settings on your Shopify store comply with this. 
  • Order revisions.

    Have a customer that e-mails you requesting to change their medium tee to a large? No problem, just let us know within the sale period. Any changes communicated after the sale has ended will not be able to be accommodated. 
  • Shipping times.

    Since this is a Pre-Sale, it is very important to communicate to your customers that every item is made-to-order and production does not begin until AFTER the sale ends (customers can expect their order to arrive in about 2-3 weeks). Feel free to copy and paste the following script to add to your product description: "This is a pre-sale: all items are made-to-order and production does not begin until after the sale has ended. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your order to arrive."


Ready to launch your Timed Campaign?

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